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A Holistic Delivery of Business Information and Analysis Solutions.
  • ABBE Services
  • A Holistic Delivery of Business Information and Analysis Solutions ensuring our customers the greatest utility of data
  • Our high level of customer satisfaction is gained from a proven methodology from business process analysis, architecture, deployment and support and a deeply ingrained customer intimacy
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ABBE (established 1999) is a consulting services firm committed to helping organizations realize the value of having the right information management tools in place to address current and future business needs.

To deliver this commitment, we have established partnerships with industry leaders EMC, Dell, Vmware, HP and Cisco. With our partners, we are able to build integrated solutions for our clients ranging from the acquisition and protection of data to its retrieval and analysis for business decisions - the agile business.

Our consultants are constantly trained and certified on these solutions to ensure proper implementation and maintenance. To our customers, we offer our traditional brand of service - customer intimacy. For this long-term engagement with customers, we have constantly received recognition from our partners.

Our customer support ensures the reliability and dependability of the solution in place. This provides for the maximum utility of the client's investment and the support of its growth as the business prospers and as its needs change with the market and its business realities.


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ABBE provides comprehensive information management services for the enterprise and to growing companies.
Its consulting practice is built around Information Lifecycle Management Framework from EMC. Its holistic services include Storage, Backup and Recovery, Archiving, Resource Management, Replication, Content Management and Virtualization.
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  • Delivering the best products and services for businesses in the Philippines.

Comprehensive information management services

    • Business, Banking Solutions and Enterprise Consulting for Corporate Information Management in the Philippines
    • Comprehensive Business Consulting for Corporate Information Management

    • Architecture and Implementation for Data Storage and Retrieval Systems
    • Architecture and Implementation for Storage and Retrieval Systems

    • Network and Infrastructure Systems Consultants and Service Providers
    • Information Network and Infrastructure Systems Consulting

    • Business Process Automation, Banking Solutions and Business Information Management
    • Business Process Automation

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